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Lymington Masonic Hall

Lymington is a beautiful, colourful town situated in the south of the New Forest. The coastal location of the town allows for magnificent sea views and a port with many sailing boats and yachts. The town is rich in maritime history, and even famous for smugglers! With so much to see and do, visitors of Lymington won't be disappointed; whether you'd like an outdoorsy adventure in the forest, or simply blow away the cobwebs on the harbour overlooking the ocean.

The town is bustling with life and our monthly Makers Markets bring a wonderful sense of community. The Masonic Hall is grand and glorious. With plenty of room inside for traders to set up shop, this is the perfect location for our markets.

Lymington Makers Markets

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Lyndhurst Community Centre

In the heart of the New Forest, Lyndhurst is famous for its royal history, having accommodated many kings and queens throughout the centuries. With many royal tourist attractions and a museum rich with history, it's no surprise Lyndhurst is a popular destination for visitors of the New Forest.

Our market takes place in the Lyndhurst Community Centre, a beautiful large hall with plenty of space for all of our vendors.

Lyndhurst Makers Markets

Locations: About Us
Locations: About Us
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