Do you know what regulations you should be following?

There are so many do's and don'ts with regards to starting up your own business in the creative world. If you are anything like me, you'll get frustrated by the reams of words on a page that dont make sense on the .gov website and other such places and you'll get annoyed and think its not worth the effort. So I have created this little blog to help you find the information easier.

As you can see from the category list below we have all kinds of products that our creatives sell at the market which is wonderful but there are a few category's where all makers must adhere to certain regulations when selling their products and its not just because the law says so or the government want to add more hurdles for us, its actually to keep every one safe, your customers as well as you as the seller/ creative/ artist.

The main category's that have some kind of check list, legislation or safety checks to follow are:

1)Anything food related

2) Alcohol

3)Soaps and cosmetics

4)Toys and teddys

5)Electrical items

6) Silver jewellery

So if you make a product that fits any of these categories you will need to make sure you are following the governments guidelines. No matter how much of a hobby it is that you have, as soon as you exchange a product for money you must be following the correct guidelines and legislation. With this in mind and because I personally am not the font of all knowledge, I felt it best to have a set of links that may help you to find out more about what you should be doing to adhere to the correct legislation.

1) Anything food related - anyone selling any kind of food needs to have a food hygiene

certificate and meet the requirements set out by the food laws -

2) selling Alcohol - Please read this whether you are selling alcohol to consume on the day or for it to be taken home

3) Soaps, candles and cosmetics - This wonderful lady has created this blog all about what you need to know when selling cosmetics, check out her blog

4)Toys and teddys - CE marking is vital to read up on as there are strict guidelines you must follow for the safety of any children who receive your product

5) Electrical items - PAT testing is so important to make sure your product is safe,

6) Silver jewellery - anyone selling handmade silver jewellery must have hallmarking, this link should help you learn more about it.

If you find any more interesting information you would like me to share on the website please do share the links with me via email

I hope this helps.

Happy crafting everyone!



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