Its market day this Saturday, who's making in preparation?

I am so exited to be making again, it may not be in the way I used to but its still creativity and I love it. Hopefully soon I will make more bags to sell too

I wanted to give everyone something back to say thankyou for always being behind the markets that I organise, so I bought a badge maker and I was soooooooooo excited when it arrived that I immediately designed these fabulous badges so when you are selling with me people know you are a talented maker. I will have these at the markets with me so that when you arrive to set up you can pick up your free badge.

When the maker first arrived I took it to a family gathering and we all had fun adding butter cups and daisy's to the badges. My son and his girlfriend helped to create these 'proud to be selling with' badges and now I've been inspired to make more that I can sell on at my first market stall when ever that may be. so watch this space!

My question today is, if you could make your own badge what would be on your design and why?

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