New Beginnings- If you believe it you can achieve it !

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

It’s so exciting to be writing my first blog, not just my first blog but my first blog as New Forest Makers Markets. 🌳🌲 Welcome to this awesome website created by a talented and very very patient young lady called Alice. Alice has been incredible in listening to my demands (no I didn’t have a toddler tantrum 👶but I did know what I wanted the site to look like💻)

Alice very clearly explained everything and created this website exactly how I wanted it. 💕

I began this journey terrified, nervous but excited and doubting myself on several occasions but luckily my family kept telling me I could successfully achieve running my own business solo. yes Solo 😱

Well, as solo a loving family will allow you to be. So hear I go with the support of my wonderful husband, our sons and their gorgeous girlfriends I begin my journey as New Forest Makers Markets, organising and managing amazing markets for fellow makers to sell their creations, doing my bit to support the ‘shop local‘ movement 🛍

So I guess what I’m saying is:

If you believe, you can achieve!

stay creative stay safe


x If you fancy a new logo design or an awesome image created by Alice , check out her Instagram account @allicedesigns to see the magic she creates!

Thankyou for reading and do come back for some crafty content, next time I will tell you all about the time we tried to make my dogs get creative with paint during a lockdown boredom kind of a day. I blame tiktok and my need for creativity 😂😂

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