I'm so excited to announce our NEW VENUE!

After a lovely 3 day break away with my friends in my caravan i've returned raring to go and have managed to secure 2 market dates for our new venue in Ringwood at the Greyfriars Community Centre this September and October with the hopes to add another for November and I'm just waiting to confirm next years dates too!

If you haven't been to Greyfriars before let me tell you about it........Greyfriars is an elegant Georgian house which has been a huge part of Ringwood's community since 1958 with extensions being added at various times. Located just 2 minutes from the high street and right next to the Library meaning it is a hive of activity with all the clubs and activity's that happen throughout the week and if you are anything like me and love history, you will want to find out more about this stunning building, here is the link to their website:

We will be occupying the Greyfriars room, the courtyard as well as the lawn meaning we can cater for those who prefer indoors as well as those who enjoy being outside. Our aim is to allocate a gazebo space for buskers on the lawn at each Ringwood market. so if you know of anyone wanting to busk get them to email me for a space.

If you haven't been to Ringwood before its worth a visit, Ringwood is a beautiful market town on the western edge of the New Forest, located on the River Avon, northeast of Bournemouth and southwest of Southampton. Ringwood is a location I have wanted to book for a long time not just because it is a big part of my family history being the place my mums family are from, but also because it is a town I view as most similar to Romsey. I'm extremely proud to finally have this opportunity to bring our wonderful makers markets to this stunning place. My Grandparents would have loved to browse the market in Ringwood, both being creative artists themselves.

The dates I have booked so far are September 25th and October 30th and all the categories are on the website ready for you to book in NOW!. I still have a few spaces in both Lyndhurst and Lymington September markets too. as well as a couple of spaces that have just become available in Lyndhurst on the 28th August.

I hope you have all had a great summer so far and look forward to seeing you all at the markets soon.

Happy Crafting Everyone!!


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