Pooch painting

As promised I have evidence of my two furry best pals getting creative, ok yes so there was an incentive but we all need those don’t we.

So one day in March sometime after the teenas saw ‘dog art‘ on tik tock we decided to have a go our selves.

A spontanous desire to be creative

At that very moment, I was sat at the table having just devoured a delicious Sunday dinner with ALL the trimmings, moomin ( one of the fluffies in the photos below, they are sprockerpoo, so like a naughty, bouncier Cockerpoo including less obedience) decided he wanted a cuddle, he kept trying to climb up my body by stretching he paws as far out as he could, when actually he just wanted to get closer to the pot of cream on the table. Typical dog, cupboard love cuddles! 🐾🐶

At this moment my creative brain was desperate to get creative and I hadn’t been doing much making just lots of work, so we did, we all got up and got creative, and the whole family joined in. We all laughed and giggled and chatted between us, it was such a wonderful moment where no one was rushing off, no one was distracted, we all worked togethe, it was then at that very moment I remember feeling greatful!

Greatful for being a creative soul, and feeling thankful my grandparents passed the creative genes to me and that I passed them to all my boys who are all amazing creative clever people in their own way.

my question to you all is…..

When was the last time you did something creative spontaneously? Remember that creativity comes in so many forms it’s not all about just paint.

Thanks for reading

stay crafty


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