Work / home/ life balance

Wow this is one subject I know that I have always been rubbish at keeping to! Trying to juggle work, kids, other halves, pets, house chores, friendships, hobbies all whilst keeping healthy is just so very hard, and tiresome,! Lets face it I'm definitely not the best person to ask how, hey I'm writing this at 3am, but I am on a roll (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) and Ive promised myself a whole Sunday off and in my craft room after a lazy morning in bed so at least I'm thinking about it.

My question to you is... how do you balance your work / life/ home? Are you like me, cant switch off till all jobs are completed? (or until you keel over) Or are you sensible and cant function without your 8 hours sleep and 5 coffees in the morning?

Whilst this is all swirling around my brain amongst the million other things I know that I need to complete, I am aware that for the longevity of my sanity, I do need to take this seriously so here is a plan I'm hoping to stick with:

  • My office days Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9.30 - 5 all emails to be answered on those days.

  • Market prep and market days are Fridays and Saturdays, i will respond to the chat and socials on these days

  • Family days are Thursdays and Sundays, NO WORK ALLOWED! not even a peek

So here is a basic plan, what do you think? will i stick to it...

hmmmm I'm even doubting myself but at least this still gives me the tiniest opportunity to get back into making and creating again. I see all of your beautiful creations and long to dive in and get going myself.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic, i suspect it is on the mind of lots of you crafters out there, i know just how hard you all work.

Have a great Sunday, enjoy a chilled out day if its not a work day for you and if its a work day... dont work too hard!



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