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Encouraging the next generation

Encouraging and teaching creativity is one goal I have always had my heart set on achieving no matter what job role I've had over the years and with all the creative work with children and young adults I have been privileged to experience it makes this part of my business adventure an easy next step in expanding the market experience. 


I would like to offer a table to young people between the ages of 10 and 18 who would like to experience selling their own products on a market stall, Selling my creations at a market was always a dream I had from a young age and I would like to give this opportunity to someone else. 

The criteria is simple :

*You must be aged between 10 years and 18 years on the day of the market you sell at.

*You must have an adult present with you at all times whilst at the market.

*Your designated adult must sign a waiver on your behalf stating that they are responsible for you and responsible for the product you are selling.

* You must complete the application form below and submit a photo of your product(s) via email in order to be considered.

* Your fee for the market stall is either 10% of your takings or £5 to be added to the charity pot in cash on the day of your market. This is your choice. 

*It is recommended that your responsible adult get a public liability insurance for your day of trading, however if you choose not to do this it is at your responsible adults own risk. Insurance isnt as hard to get or as expensive as most people think but the insurance is likely to be in your adults name depending on your age.

All you need to bring on the market day is:


🎨Your responsible adult,

🎨Your products

🎨Price labels for your products

 🎨A little change in a money pot

🎨Your packed lunch


When you arrive at the market you will be directed to your table which will have a table covering, I will supply 2 chairs in place and there will be a large banner behind your stall so people know you are just starting out and having a go at selling with us.

Please do take this opportunity to ask other makers lots of questions, chat about their experiences and take on board whatever advice they give you. Many have been selling at markets for years and not just in this country. They are all so very kind and friendly and are thrilled I am give this opportunity to encourage young people to have a go.


If this is something you are interested in, go ahead and complete the application form below, I will get back to you as soon as I know what availability I have for you. when completing the form please do add as much information as possible, any social links and please email any photographs you would like to share.

Please note: Products such as children's toys, soaps, cosmetics, food and silver jewellery can only be sold when you have obtained the correct certification. check out the link which explains more: 

C E Marking toys for toys etc -

Food safety and hygiene -


Soaps and cosmetics

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Application for a young creatives stall at the markets

Thanks for submitting your application, I will be in touch once I have a space for you.



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