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Young Creatives and creative fundraising

New Forest Makers Markets has now been running for less than a year and now that we are becoming more established I felt it was time to implement two of the ideas that I felt were most important to get up and running  as soon as was possible.

Idea 1 - young entrepreneur

 I have decided to give away one market space per venue (Lyndhurst, Lymington and Lyndhurst) per month to a young entrepreneur, the criteria for obtaining a stall at our makers markets are simple:

  1. All products must be handmade/ painted by the individual.

  2.  The young entrepreneur must be between 10yrs and 18yrs old

  3. They must be in fulltime education or home educated

  4. The young person must agree to be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times whilst selling at the market.

Instead of a flat fee being charged for this space, the young individual must choose from donating either £5 to our chosen charity or 10% of their days takings.


 To  apply to be a young creative at one of our markets it's easy, just head over to the website and select the tab 'young creatives',  

There is availability currently at all markets on the run up to Christmas! 


Idea 2 - Creative fundraising

I am always coming up with ideas of how I can improve and develop my business journey, many ideas will just have to wait as they aren't viable at the moment but the 2nd  idea I've always had, is to be able to give back and use this platform we have created to give charity's an opportunity to join us and raise much needed funds in a creative way.

There are 4 options for using this free market stall space in a fundraising capacity

1) Sell handmade local products 

2) Make a game or activity that you can charge people to have a go 

3) Use the space to advertise an event 

4) Run a handmade themed raffle

My main stipulation is that all proceeds MUST be given to your chosen charity and the person applying must be in attendance on the day all day.

I spoke with a gentleman about 'men's sheds' and our conversation spurred me on to get this plan set up and ready to go sooner than originally planned. This particular gentleman's 'men's shed' group will be selling their bird boxes and bug houses with us in the near future and I'm really looking forward to welcoming them to the markets.

If you  would like to apply or know someone who would like to apply click on the Creative fundraising tab on the website

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