Do I need to apply for a space at the market? - No you can book straight into a space within your category providing no-one else has booked in, if you look at a date and there is no time then the space has been taken but if you email me a picture of what you make i can compare and may very well be able to add another space if there is one.

Are tables and chairs provided? All of our indoor spaces have tables and chair provided so you will only need to bring your own if you are booked into a gazebo at Ringwood.

I have booked but where is my information pack? You will find the information pack at the bottom of the email that you receive once you have booked and paid but you can down load a copy from the information download page if you loose your email.

Can I share my table with a friend? Sharing is only permissible with prior arrangement with myself. I try very hard not to duplicate too much, at some markets there is space for more that one of some categories but unfortunately it just doesn't work with other categories. If you are planning to share with a friend please call or email me before booking. 

Do I really need insurance? Insurance is very important to protect you and your business, some people think they are just playing at a hobby but if you are making to sell in any capacity you automatically become a small business. i will allow very new starters to join the market without insurance for one market to trial it but only at there own risk. there are so many small crafter insurance companies and they are very affordable, one popular one is called 'simply business' this is just one of many, please do shop about to fit one that suits what you do.

If I cancel will I get a refund? Our cancellation policy is in all the information packs but essentially if you cancel 7 days or less prior to the market no refund will be issued. Please do reach out to me and chat if you are struggling, if i can get someone in your space sometimes I'm able to swap you to another venue but please note this is at my discretion as i am running a small business and my outlay per market needs to be covered.

Are there kitchen facilities at the market? There are no kitchen facilities at all venues so please bring your own refreshments, at some venues there may be a café running depending on staffing levels

How do I see if you have space for me? Its really easy to book your space, we dont run on an application basis for most of our markets as I like to run an inclusive market, everyone has to start somewhere and we all are there to help each other. so go ahead and book your stall in by following the process below:
·Click on the venue
·Scroll down 
· Click on your category 
· Click ‘book now’ 
(This will take you to a calendar, all  markets are on a Saturday where you'll see a time on the date of the market)
· Click on the time, (If there is no time showing then please email me a picture of your makes so i can see if i can fit you in)
· Click on Next (This is on the right of the calendar.)
· Complete the form
· Click Pay now.

What if I fit multiple categories? It is really important you pick the correct category for your products as I like to make sure that I dont have two of the same product next to another, if you cross over several categories please pick the one that covers the majority of your products but please email me a photo of what your table layout looks like so i can see all of what type of thing you sell.

I am stuck, I cant book in and I'm not very good on the computer can you help? Yes, I'm always happy to help and if you dont have the facilities to book online you can call me or email me and I will help, if you just need me to talk you through how to book in that's fine too, all I ask is that you dont call after 6pm as Ive normally been working from about 6am or 7am so need time with my family. you can use the 'lets chat' button on the website as that pings on my phone so where I can help you whilst away form my laptop I will. 

Can I book my Romsey market stall with you? No, unfortunately I am no longer a part of Romsey Makers Market or South Central Makers or Your Local Makers so you will need to go to them directly.

How much is a stall? Lyndhurst - £30, Lymington - £35, Ringwood - £35 indoors and in a hired gazebo/£30 own gazebo space

I am a musician and am interested in Busking at your market how do I apply? We love meeting new musicians and are always pleased to encourage new buskers, please email us at including a link so we can hear what you play and let us know the dates you are available. We currently can only have buskers in Ringwood but check out the market dates page, you'll find Ringwood dates there and we look forward to you joining us soon.

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