Meet the makers

We value our makers and appreciate all the hard work they do to make the markets a wonderful place to shop, they are very supportive of all the markets we organise and help with promoting us on their social media pages as well as helping to make every market a fun and happy place to visit! Let me introduce you.  

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Kelly and Chris

Kelly is a local machine embroider. She has always had a love for everything fabric and using different materials.

One of her best selling items are the hooded towels and the very first one was made for her son, then he showed his friends and it has grown from there. Alongside the craft items she also embroiders work wear and logo work.

Kelly and Chris can be regularly found at our markets, normally with Chris making everyone roar with laughter with one of his bad jokes. 

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Madam De Villeneuve

Linzi Le Luker

Linzi loves France and all things french with a particular joie de vivre, her jewellery is just so elegant.

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Kathryn creates hand made silver jewellery inspired by nature. and creates reimagined textiles such as cushions made from ties. Kathryn is another very regular seller and is accompanied and supported by her mum who you will often find out and about handing out flyers and helping me with encouraging customers to join us.

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GDA crafts


Gordon creates desirable items from Scottish oak whisky barrels in Mr GDA's Wiltshire workshop. His creativity brings old whisky barrels to life with these stunning pieces anyone would love to own.

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These are just a few of our makers , i will be adding more each week, so keep watching to see who else are our regular makers. Join us all at the markets and support these wonderful independent local makers!