Meet the makers

We value our makers and appreciate all the hard work they do to make the markets a wonderful place to shop, they are very supportive of all the markets we organise and help with promoting us on their social media pages as well as helping to make every market a fun and happy place to visit! Let me introduce you.  

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Kelly and Chris

Kelly is a local machine embroider. She has always had a love for everything fabric and using different materials.

One of her best selling items are the hooded towels and the very first one was made for her son, then he showed his friends and it has grown from there. Alongside the craft items she also embroiders work wear and logo work.

Kelly and Chris can be regularly found at our markets, normally with Chris making everyone roar with laughter with one of his bad jokes. 

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Madam De Villeneuve

Linzi Le Luker

Linzi loves France and all things french with a particular joie de vivre, her jewellery is just so elegant.

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Em Brown Jewellery


Melanie  creates beautiful hand made silver jewellery  as well as running affordable courses where you can learn how to create your own unique pieces in her studio. Melanie's creations include 925 Handmade Silver and Gold Jewellery with gems, semi precious stones, pearls and beads. Wedding bands and wedding jewellery. Restringing of pearls. 

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GDA crafts


Gordon creates desirable items from Scottish oak whisky barrels in Mr GDA's Wiltshire workshop. His creativity brings old whisky barrels to life with these stunning pieces anyone would love to own.

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GS Miniature creations

Sandra & Geoff

Sandra and Geoff create 1/12th scale miniatures using a variety of materials, mainly polymer clay,resin and pastel powder. The detail in each and every one of these products is mind blowing! and the best thing is you dont have to have a dolls house to enjoy these creations.

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By Jo Crafts

Jo & Gemma

By Jo Crafts is bought to us by the incredible team that is Jo and Gemma, they offer a range of ceramic and homeware items from hand painted designs and a wide range of unique items that will brighten up any room. Table lamps and plant pots are hand painted to your bespoke choice of colour at no extra cost.

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Shirley May Designs


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Keith Elcombe photography

Keith Elcombe

Keith is a professional wildlife photographer based in Andover, Hampshire.
The photos Keith takes he sells as high quality glossy prints and greetings cards. These are available from his website, and always on offer at any craft fair he attends.
Keith also offers photography coaching and workshops, looking to help others with their photography, believing it should be a joy, not a chore.

More information available on his website. 

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Pykes Pens

Brian Pyke

 Brian create custom handcrafted writing pens from a variety of materials. Great unique gifts for that special person!

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The Dorset Forager


Lesley creates amazing Homemade jam, marmalade & chutney. Fruit infused gin & vodka. these preserves are not to be missed!

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These are just a few of our makers, I will be adding more makers as often as I can, so keep watching to see who else are our regular makers. and if you are a regular seller at my markets and would like to be add to this page please do get in touch.

Join us all at the markets and support these wonderful independent local makers!

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Timeless Tide Gifts


Sarah creates these beautiful gifts perfect for the person you dont know who to buy for as she can make them bespoke to what you need. 

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